Today’s stressful and demanding world leaves people with little time to focus on their health. Many of us have difficulty scheduling downtime and relaxing, which leaves our bodies coping with  chronic stress. Studies show that  massage helps to decrease the negative effects caused by our bodies’ chemical reaction to life’s stressors.

Adept is a locally owned private practice that has been in business for over 14 years. Our practice is dedicated to providing personal and individualized care. We are highly skilled in Injury Treatment, Deep Tissue, Circulatory, Prenatal and Chronic Pain care. We pride ourselves with our intuitive and goal oriented treatment philosophy.


$90 for 60 minutes*
$130 for 90 minutes*

Our services are covered by many insurance plans

*(please note we are no longer accepting plans that require preauthorization. Call you insurance company to find out if your plan requires this prior to making an appointment.)

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600 1st Avenue, Suite #631
Seattle, WA 98104

F: 206.452.0646


Monday 10:00-8:30
Tuesday 10:00-3:00
Wednesday 10:00-8:30
Thursday 10:00-8:30
Friday 11:00-5:00





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